Wholesale Fireworks Miami Gardens

Quality Wholesale Fireworks in Miami Gardens

Wholesale Fireworks Miami Gardens

As 2020 creeps to a close, now is the time to start thinking about the New Year and what firework products you want to use to ring in 2021 with a BANG! After all, nothing makes New Year’s Eve more memorable than a fantastic fireworks display. Better yet, you can improve on any South Florida event affordably with wholesale fireworks in Miami Gardens.

Fireworks are a visual spectacle that the whole family will enjoy. By obtaining quality products for a wholesale price, you can cheaply launch your display. Nonetheless, you may feel worried about buying full cases of items and other common concerns. 

The Lady Fireworks & Co. understand that putting together a wholesale fireworks package is a little different from just walking up to a stand and making a purchase. For this reason, our team wants to outline some of our favorite tips and strategies on buying wholesale fireworks in Miami Gardens and virtually anywhere else with a wholesaler.

Large Firework Assortments

It’s true that companies commonly pack duplicates of the same item in product cases. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to buy products with the variety you want. When you spend thousands of dollars with a firework store, however, buying products in this way can save a ton of money.

Assortment packages offer a large number of fireworks and typically ship with a diverse range of options. The Lady Fireworks & Co. provides more ways than ever to get the best of both worlds. Our team can give you wholesale pricing and a fantastic variety with some of the biggest, high-quality, and reliable assortments you’ll find anywhere.

Most suppliers gear the more extensive assortments towards firework enthusiasts and pyrotechnic experts. It’s important to keep this in mind when buying wholesale fireworks as these packages won’t contain some of the smaller novelty products that many consumers know and love.

Instead, wholesale fireworks packages will provide a collection of artillery shells and aerial repeaters that come as a show in a box. They make buying wholesale for your own South Florida fireworks display pretty easy.

Mixed-Case Fireworks

You can rely on wholesale retailers like the Lady Fireworks & Co. to help you secure wholesale cases that contain a mixture of items instead of multiple of the same firework products. Our team intentionally offers extensive selections of mixed-case fireworks to instill some variety into your show.

The fireworks in these packages will often contain the same shot count and a similar firing pattern. Where they differ is that mixed-case fireworks contain products with varied colors and effects. You can spread them throughout a firework show or utilize them together for a theme or cadence.

500-Gram Cakes

500-gram cakes or “repeaters” are so large that they fit into one singular cause. These single-packed options are perfect for helping you avoid buying multiples of the same item. Repeaters will offer high shot counts of 100 or more at a fast pace.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. recommends using these firework selections during a show finale or to accentuate a featured portion of your home display. You’d use a big repeater like these to get your attendees to start cheering.

Our team can offer you many 500-gram cake options and finale packages that come one or two to a case. You may get two of the same items, but using them at the same time can provide you with a stunning effect.

Wholesale Fireworks in Miami Gardens | Lady Fireworks & Co.

The Miami area may have canceled public fireworks gatherings for the turnover from 2020 to 2021, but you can still have some fun by lighting off your own fireworks displays. With wholesale fireworks in Miami Gardens from the Lady Fireworks & Co., you can end 2020 on a memorable note.

Our team proudly serves the South Florida area as the preeminent fireworks supplier in the community. We don’t just put up our pop-up firework stands and stores during the busy firework seasons around Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. The Lady Fireworks keeps her doors open all year long, helping ensure patrons can purchase fireworks for any event!

To learn more about our wholesale package pricing, you can reach out to our expert pyrotechnics team directly, visit one of our many locations, or browse our online store to get the help you need buying fireworks products for your home display needs!

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