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About Lady Fireworks

Lady Fireworks, LLC is owned and operated by Patricia Taime. It is a family-run business and has been operating for over 20 years.  She was known as Lady Fireworks and so the name became incorporated and later changed to a Limited Liability Corp.  When Patricia began the company, she was a single Mom of two with work experience in international marketing for family entertainment, corporate event planning, and operations management for major national conventions.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Patricia decided to make a career change and was vetted with the Department of Homeland Security.  She felt blessed and honored to serve her country, but sadly she became ill and had to take early retirement.

Taking advantage of her extensive knowledge and experience, Patricia decided to grow the company by:

  • Adding seasonal pop-up locations in multiple counties 
  • Maintaining a Showroom in Miami, FL where customers can come in and purchase products year round 
  • Becoming a direct importer and as a result is the only wholesale distributor located this far south, addressing a much needed market demand
  • Obtaining an ATF License to sell 1.3g Fireworks (Professional Fireworks)
  • Coordinate Display Fireworks Shows for all major Events

Who We Are in Our Community

Lady Fireworks provides families with all the necessary requirements to have a seasonal business of their own. They offer a turn-key fundraising occasion and give other individuals and families the opportunities to make money by selling Fireworks during the Holiday Seasons.

Lady Fireworks handles all the planning, locating, permitting and provides the product. Families are able to come to their very own fully stocked pop-up store, and begin operations. Most of their contractors have been with us for some time and know that they have a secure source of income two seasons a year, along with the support of their team of highly dedicated Area Supervisors and Patricia herself. 

Lady Fireworks is known as an Industry Leader and has been featured in local, national, international and industry arenas with respect to issues pertaining to the Fireworks Industry.

Our Customers

Lady Fireworks provides customers with a wide variety of quality products, at a great price. Their pop-up stores are aesthetically pleasing, safe and offer a large selection of mix and match “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” items. Tent operators are trained and knowledgeable and can always count on the staff, should they need to assist a customer further.  It is their goal and has been their success, customers leave happy and safe every time they visit.  Customer Service is critical to Lady Fireworks.

Wholesale Operations

Lady Fireworks offers quality, name brand products imported directly from China. Because they are direct importers, they are able to offer wholesale pricing to qualifying businesses, groups, and individuals. Their team of seasoned professionals are available by appointment for wholesale customer’s needs. Please call for Wholesale starting as low as $3,000!

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