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Why Are We So Attracted to Fireworks?

Obviously, because they are stunning, beautiful, awe-inspiring, etc. Although we believe this answer, Lady Fireworks and Co. is a bit biased on this subject, and this answer is a bit of a cop-out. Nevertheless, otherworldly fireworks displays continue to increase in popularity largely because they trick our brains.

The sudden, bright, beautiful, and shimmering sparks that wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale emit produce compelling results for people to watch. Fireworks, however, remain mysterious to our minds because our brain is not used to the light they produce traveling directly into our eyes.

Generally, the colors we see is created by light reflecting off the surfaces of objects around us. As we encounter these types of light essentially every day, our brain has become exceptional at unscrambling the colors. As a result, anything different that we view may appear otherworldly.

This might also serve as the reason that other moving light sources like shooting stars or fireflies produce similarly awe-inspiring or magical results.

Some Individuals Fear Fireworks, but That is Why They Love Them

Another reason some people look forward to fireworks displays stems from fear they possess about them. Dissimilar to pets and children, who simply get overwhelmed by the noise, some adults possess a healthy startled fear about the unpredictable gap between flashes and bangs during a fireworks display.

This anticipation can often make shock worse than knowing when it is coming. This suspense produces a result that frightens some individuals. This is an extremely fun experience, however, only when in a controlled environment like a display produced by wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale.

Fireworks May Serve as a Representation of our Emotions

There is a psychological link between what we see with our eyes, and what we feel in our hearts. In terms of why we appreciate fireworks so much, fireworks may essentially reflect what we feel in a given moment.

A wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale display may represent a visual manifestation of our emotions at that time. When we fall in love as individuals, cry while seeing a film, etc., these all represent explosive emotions.

Some of these may demonstrate big and loud events, others may display small and tiny minute occurrences. You can consider these emotional events as the colorful and unpredictable inside of an emotional spectrum. Not unlike a truly spectacular and riveting fireworks display.

Wholesale Fireworks in Fort Lauderdale, Scientifically Proven to Produce Fear and Fun

Although our pets may not appreciate fireworks as much as we do, most humans enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacles. Research posits that we enjoy them due to their providing the brain the ideal combination of both pleasure and pain.

Wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale keeps the brain on the edge between fear and fun, an ideal combination of pleasure and pain that excites our sense. They also leave our minds and senses wanting more and more.

Nevertheless, fireworks provide our minds with this stimulation while reassuring us that everything is safe and fine. In this respect, a fireworks display is similar to riding a roller coaster. The brain feels a simultaneous combination of fear while remaining certain that this experience is safe.

Residing on the edge of these two emotions induces a state of euphoria that experts refer to as “eustress.” The definition of eustress is a pleasant or curative stress. When we put our brains into this state, this means that the element of fear that our minds experience is at-the-ready. This amplifies the sights and sounds of what is truly a pleasurable experience.

For some individuals, engaging in seemingly dangerous behavior while in an environment they know is safe releases chemicals in the brain that make them feel good. The chemical that the brain releases is called dopamine. The release occurs when we engage in activities or behaviors we enjoy like drinking, eating, etc.

Individuals that seek high sensation enjoy riskier behaviors and seek them out. This is all part of human nature. In addition to fireworks, these individuals may enjoy roller coasters, skydiving, or driving fast.

Nonetheless, others represent low sensation seeking individuals. They might appreciate fireworks displays more than these other activities due to the decreased amount of perceived and actual risk.

Wholesale Fireworks in Fort Lauderdale from Lady Fireworks and Co.

For many people, a fireworks display is a pastime, and best spent with friends and family. Apart from the loud sounds they impart, wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale emit colors and lights in beautiful patterns to create spectacular scenes and sights for anyone’s beholding.

Many of the customers our team from Lady Fireworks and Co. assists view fireworks as an Independence Day novelty. However, our company ensures that any occasion is a holiday. We ensure that our product selection is readily available any time of the year while other fireworks competitors close their doors outside of the “popular” seasons.

Light up the night sky with an incomparable spectacle. Utilize the best wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale from Lady Fireworks and Co. You and inspire awe in your guests, bolstered by your newfound scientific information. Provide them with a frenetic display that lights the nighttime skyline.

Nevertheless, Lady Fireworks wants you to know that safety should remain paramount at all times. When you select our wholesale fireworks in Fort Lauderdale, our product selection is safe and legal.

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