G FORCE 24’s XXRL8031


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Product Description:  24 extra LOUD canister shells of 24 awesome performances!1. pigeon blood red & deep green dahlia w/ white strobe 2. pigeon blood red & lemon dahlia w/ green strobe 3. deep blue & purple dahlia w/ golden strobe 4. deep green & orange dahlia w/ red strobe 5. silver strobe willow w/ red dahlia 6. green strobe willow w/ orange dahlia 7. golden strobe willow w/ blue peony 8.red strobe willow w/ deep green dahlia 9. brocade crown 10. silver brocade crown w/ red strobe 11. multi-color brocade palm 12. golden willow to red/gren/blue with white strobe 13. Ti-chrysanthemum 14. quick crackle 15. crackling willow w/ red strobe 16. white strobe w/ purple & green palm pistil 17. red strobe w/ blue & orange palm pistil 18. green strobe w/ purple & orange palm pistil 19. purple & deep green dahlia w/ chrysanthemum 20. multi-color dahlia21. super white strobe 22. silver palm with red strobe 23. green wave w/ chrysanthemum 24. silver brocade crown w/ green strobe
Unit Size:  1.87″ x 5″ x 27.5″
Unit Weight: 14.33 lbs.
Brand:  Winda