Fireworks in Miami Gardens

Fireworks in Miami Gardens


How to Buy Your Fireworks in Miami Gardens

The United States celebrates Independence Day and New Year’s Eve every year, usually with a fireworks display. These federal holidays commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the coming of another new year and are the ideal time to celebrate.

For some, these events include going to public locations and watching professionals shoot off fireworks shows as day turns to dusk. However, some more adventurous individuals will light off firework products themselves in their backyards.

First, it is important to point out that it is illegal to utilize firework products in some United States locations. Some areas even outline legality issues with owning fireworks at all. State and local ordinances dictate whether or not you can light or possess fireworks under any circumstances. This includes the busy firework holiday seasons.

For this reason, if you want to buy, possess, or light off fireworks in Miami Gardens, or anywhere in South Florida, you must check with the most updated local law in your area.

Nevertheless, here are some tips from our team at the Lady Fireworks & Co. on how you can buy fireworks in Miami Gardens and throughout South Florida.

Check Your Local Newspaper

Local publications will start posting information on fireworks just before the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. Some will outline information on where you can see fireworks, in addition to local laws and regulations in Miami Lakes and Miami-Dade County at large.

Some fireworks providers will take out fall ads in the local newspaper and online publications that advertise their best deals and product specials. They might even provide coupons and other incentives to get area patrons in the doors to see what they offer.

Similarly, you can also seek out online resources from the American Pyrotechnics Association and consult their state fireworks laws’ directory.

What Fireworks Do You Need for  Your Display?

This is a big one. Choosing the right fireworks can make or break your local display. Some fireworks products may be limited for sale in your area. Others you can legally buy but not use. 

You may also find that a large purchase of 500-gram cake fireworks is far too much firepower for a smaller, more intimate event with family members or friends. Always consult with local laws and a qualified pyrotechnic supplier like the Lady Fireworks & Co. before purchasing for the best results.

Firework distributors additionally place firework products into various classes. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) categorizes all explosive devices into classes A, B, or C.

  • Class C firework products represent what we call consumer fireworks. These include any firework products classified for general public use.
  • Special fireworks classified as 1.3G explosives are known as Class B fireworks. These products are intended only as display fireworks by licensed pyrotechnic experts.
  • Class A fireworks include solid explosives like TNT and dynamite.

In any case, most legal fireworks in the Miami area that you will find are Class C. These consumer fireworks or 1.4G products are the most common firework products. The class includes everything from pop-its and sparklers to firecrackers, mortar aerials, rockets, etc.

For more information about different firework classifications and what you need for your Miami Gardens fireworks display, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional like our experts from the Lady Fireworks & Co.

Fireworks in Miami Gardens | Lady Fireworks & Co.

You can find fireworks almost anywhere during the right times of the year. We can find Class C products at your local grocer, big box stores like Walmart, Costco, etc. However, many of these packages offered represent novelty items.

They will often contain unreliable provisions and filler products like snakes, snappers, and poppers. Although you can secure a package that has numerous different items in it that remain safe for kids and adults to use, you may find that purchasing from a locally owned business better suits your needs.

Whatever you do, play things safe, and ensure you operate your fireworks safely, responsibly, and legally.

Our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. loves firework products. This is why we keep our doors open all year long, outside of the popular firework holidays. We always take pride in extending our professional expertise to assist those in Miami Gardens and throughout the South Florida community.

To learn more about purchasing fireworks in Miami Gardens or anywhere in your local area, consult one of our numerous locations, or browse our online store today!

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