Fireworks in Sunrise

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about which fireworks you want to see! Here are some fun facts about fireworks and our most popular options at Lady Fireworks & Co. in Sunrise, Florida.

The Science of Fireworks

While fireworks are primarily known as a spectacle of color, light, and sound, what makes them so successful is the expert engineering and pyrotechnics that go into designing them. Fireworks have come a long way since the invention of gunpowder thousands of years ago. The earliest known pyrotechnic displays included hand-lit fireworks that exploded on the ground, rather than in the sky like we see today. 

After many years of technological advancement, operators can now explode fireworks remotely from computers, allowing us to safely conduct the most elaborate and precisely-timed fireworks shows in Sunrise. Some of the most high-tech shows even have microchips that allow both the launch and the midair explosion to be carefully controlled. 

On its most basic scientific level, fireworks are made up of various elements that explode into different colors and light intensity. For example, sodium produces a yellow color, while strontium produces a red color. To safely explode these elements and avoid bad reactions, they are kept at their salt form. 

Because these elements can be so dangerous to work with, they require expert chemists and extremely cautious factory protocol during the mass production process. After the chemists pick the right elements for the colors they want to achieve, they decide how to use them in the firework. 

For example, sometimes the element itself can be packed into the firework. After developing the firework, a powder mixture of sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal is used to launch the firework because it burns slowly enough that its explosion can be guided by a mortar or tube. 

Coarse-grained black powder is usually used for fireworks as it has larger grains, reducing the surface area of each piece, which further slows down the explosion. While the firework is flying into the air, the firework’s fuse burns up to the compartment containing the compounds that will produce the light, color, and sound. 

The flash powder that accompanies the firework is a mixture that produces a loud sound and quick, bright explosion when lit, so it is a great way to ignite the color of the firework.

Popular Types of Fireworks in Sunrise

Sunrise, Florida, has many outdoor fireworks events at the BB&T Center for holidays, concerts, and stage shows throughout the year, including New Year’s Eve. Still, many people prefer to celebrate at home. Because of how high the demand can get for fireworks in Sunrise, consider buying them in bulk or visiting our online shop, so you’re prepared for the holidays! One of the most common types of fireworks is firecrackers. With a wide variety of them to choose from, such as Black Cats, M-80, and Lady Fingers, firecrackers are usually smaller, but they are the original firework. 

As you may already know, firecrackers are meant to explode with a loud bang, and they usually come in strings that number from a measly 12 to a gargantuan 10,000. Blowing up firecrackers can be a fun activity for the whole family to watch at your next holiday get-together, or they can be a part of a bigger show at the main event when you buy wholesale at Lady Fireworks & Co. 

Smoke bombs are another entertaining attraction even though they don’t exactly explode like a firework. Some smoke bombs are best if used during the daytime because it can be hard to see smoke at night. 

Generally, you can buy one of two types of smoke bombs: color smoke balls or cylindrical smoke grenades. The smoke balls come in various colors, and many people now use pink or blue smoke balls at their gender reveal parties. Not only can this be a fun and exciting way to break the news to your family and friends, but the colorful smoke comes out great in pictures.

You’ve probably seen your neighbor use these fireworks on your street during the Fourth of July, as they can be a loud and bright attraction. Fountain fireworks are usually cone-shaped devices that sit on the ground and shoot off a shower of colorful sparks. 

While these fireworks are milder and explode for a relatively short time, they are still beautiful to watch at night. Your kids will be enthralled!

A firework you can hold right in the palm of your hand. Sparklers are a New Year’s Eve classic, and kids love to play with them. Sparklers are sticks that give off colored sparks when lit. You can wave them around and create a light show, and they’re great for a photo-op. 

There are two types of sparklers: Ones made from metal and ones made of paper. The latter is often called Morning Glories, which are a bit safer because they don’t leave a red hot metal stick when they’re done burning.

At Lady Fireworks & Co., we love serving the community of Sunrise and providing the most high-quality fireworks at the best price. Visit our online shop and contact us with any questions! 

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