Fireworks in Doral

Fireworks in Doral

Why You Should Buy Your South Florida Fireworks Locally

Fireworks are one way to add feeling and emotion to an event.  Fireworks often serve as a visual celebration of love and passion, happiness, freedom, and joy because they spark awe and wonder. Lighting fireworks and watching them launch into the sky is a way to create a memorable, inspiring event – no matter the time of year.

While thousands of Americans celebrate the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve by setting off firework products, any holiday, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, can be even more memorable with a little sparkle and pop. 

The key to making those unforgettable memories is finding the right firework supplier. Most fireworks products are relatively affordable. However, the price can add up quickly, with patrons spending a lot to create a truly spectacular show, especially if they are novice purchasers. For this reason, our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. want to share some of our tips for saving money on your fireworks regardless if you are in Doral or Miami.

Our team loves fireworks. This is why we keep our doors open all year long. We’re open outside of the popular fireworks seasons in Summer and Fall. Visitors and residents alike flock to our local stands to pick up numerous products they can use to light up the night sky.

There is something truly magical about watching aerial fireworks explode in the sky. Here are our tips to help you get the most bang for your buck when preparing for a local South Florida fireworks display.

Ask About Price Matches

When you search for firework products at local stands throughout Doral and the Miami area, it isn’t uncommon to find some varied prices for similar products. In some cases, you might even discover the same product you have your eye on is cheaper elsewhere.

Now, our team isn’t saying it is proper etiquette to ask for your money back after purchasing before finding the products cheaper elsewhere. However, if you come with a list in hand for the products you want, most fireworks stands (including Lady Fireworks & Co.) will happily work with you on pricing when you find a good deal somewhere else.

This could include fireworks coupons and package pricing to help you get what you need for the most affordable price possible. Many stands and suppliers will provide coupons during the busy fireworks seasons to help stimulate interest in their products. Regardless, it never hurts to ask about package and wholesale fireworks products, as well as special deals.

Shop for Local Fireworks in Doral

Beginning with a Google search for “fireworks in Doral” or “fireworks near me,” etc. is a great idea to start searching for your local fireworks deals in Miami, and almost anywhere. This will help you find a local supplier and locally owned businesses instead of big-box packages or chain firework suppliers.

Nevertheless, even when you choose a local supplier, do your research and check around the area before shopping at the very first location that you find.

In many cases, these local entities give back to the community and local economy. Teams like the Lady Fireworks & Co. support local non-profit groups and fundraisers, donating back a share of the proceeds. This is a simple way that you can support local groups and store owners while simultaneously securing a great product for a great deal.

Buy Appropriate Local Fireworks

Some fireworks suppliers will offer what they call “finale packages.” These products contain massive amounts of fire powder, just reaching the legal limit for residential class fireworks content.

These bigger fireworks can cost $40 or more in a singular product. Even when a distributor advertises that their provisions contain far more fire powder than competitors, they can still only contain the maximum legal limit of 500 grams.

Save some money on your Doral fireworks. You probably don’t need 500 grams of fire powder for a local display. Instead of spending $40 per product, select something with a seemingly smaller amount of punch like a 200-gram firework. 

These fireworks may seem smaller, but they feel heavier in your hands. The best bang for your buck is these more affordable, 8 to 25 dollar firework selections. They are packed tighter, creating a bigger boom and higher burst.

Fireworks in Doral | Lady Fireworks & Co.

Buying package deals from local suppliers represents one of the best ways you can save money on your fireworks. Take heed to offer a reasonable amount to a fireworks supplier and head in with reasonable expectations for your display and a price point before you buy.

When you want to create a fireworks display in the Miami area or in Doral, our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. has the solutions for your needs. Reach out to our team today at our various locations throughout South Florida. You can also head to our online shop to learn more!

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