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The Origin of Our Beloved Fireworks

It is a common thought that our gorgeous, exploding kaleidoscopes originated with the Chinese. China still continues to produce some of the most common and reliable fireworks products to this day. In fact, the country produces more fireworks than any nation on the Earth.

A number of historians believe that beginning as early as 200 B.C., the Chinese cultivated a natural firecracker. They would roast bamboo with an open flame, producing an explosive bang. The sound came from hollow air pockets within the plant. The thought in Chinese culture was that these loud sounds warded off evil spirits.

Between 600 and 900 A.D., Asian alchemists designed an evolutionary of these early fireworks. Combining potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulfur, and numerous other ingredients, they formed what we know today as gunpowder. They stumbled upon the alchemic creation while searching for an elixir for immortality.

They realized the explosive combination they cultivated and began packing it into bamboo shoots. When they threw them into a fire, it would produce a loud blast, representing what we use today as a firework.

Nonetheless, when customers visit with our firework wholesalers in West Virginia, they often remain curious about what makes up a modern firework. In reality, the composition of modern fireworks is really simply. A typical modern firework is comprised of shell plastic, Paper Mache or other heavy paper, as well as separating its compartments with cardboard.

The shell base contains the black gunpowder used to propel the fireworks into the sky. The mortar is made up of iron, aluminum, wither plastic, as well as additional heavy cardboard. As the components heat up, these different elemental combinations produce the gorgeous displays that we appreciate.

Information from Firework Wholesalers in West Virginia – How do they Work?

We can safely assume that almost everyone in the United States possesses some experience using fireworks. After all July 4th is essentially the most important fireworks holiday of the year. For many of these individuals, their fireworks experience began with an Independence Day or New Year’s Eve Celebration. However, how many of these people actually wonder how fireworks work?

Many of the customers we see at Lady Fireworks and Co. often ask us how products work. Fireworks constructors often use potassium nitrate is an oxidizer. This is a fuel derived from charcoal, in addition to sulfur. Designers will also commonly utilize sugar or starch as a binder.

When they combine all of these ingredients, it will form a slurry that they coat on a wire, or pour into a tube. Once all of this dries, the combination forms a sparkler.

How to Purchase from Firework Wholesalers in West Virginia

Let’s be honest, no celebration is complete without an awe-inspiring fireworks display. If you want to put on a professional display as an entertainer, or simply need entertainment for a large get-together, you can save an exorbitant amount of money by seeking out firework wholesalers in West Virginia.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that before you purchase fireworks, any firework product is heavily regulated by both state and federal jurisdictions. Federal law will apply to any area located in the United States and even the most rural neighborhood in West Virginia is no exception. You should also consider that these impositions will vary from area to area.

The good news is that every state allows some degree of fireworks purchase and use, as long as you gain the appropriate licenses and permits. It is important to research and acquire every facility you need to purchase and store fireworks in your area.

Many states will also require additional training and licensing for fireworks operators. Once you obtain all of these admittances, you can begin seeking out a quality supplier. A distributor like Lady Fireworks and Co. can offer fireworks transport, as well as provide a larger fireworks selection. Of course, there is always an alternative to firework wholesalers in West Virginia, such as purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Lady Fireworks and Co. – Firework Wholesalers in West Virginia

Our company represents a valuable resource for customers by offering them a reliable option to help them obtain safe and reliable firework products. Lady Fireworks and Co. has committed to ensuring our customers feel valued for over 10 years. Although our company is located in the South Florida area, we extend our preeminent offerings on a national level.

We import our product selection from manufacturers in China directly, passing these savings onto the customer as leading firework wholesalers in West Virginia. When we service customers in this nationwide capacity, we offer them wholesale, in addition to package pricing.

While our products reflect the most stunning effects, more important is safety. Although we strongly believe that impressive aesthetics remain important for any offering, we do not sell fireworks without testing and safety checking our selections. This hands-on approach enables us to ensure our customers that they will always receive a safe, as well as the effective product.

We recommend that anyone who wants to create their own fireworks show seeks out our services. We will help you select the products you need for virtually any party, at any venue. For more information on how we can help you and our firework wholesalers in West Virginia, contact our professional team today.

Our selections will impress your audience, while you cultivate a stunning display that they can remember forever. Select Lady Fireworks and Co. for an efficient, effective, and impressive fireworks show!

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