Firework Stands in Miami

Firework stands can be hard to come by throughout the entire year, so they often sell out fast. At Lady Fireworks & Co., we have multiple firework stands all around South Florida and the Miami area, as well as our online shop so you can order fireworks at your convenience!

Our Lady Fireworks & Co. Stands

Lady Fireworks & Co. operates seasonal firework stands and tents throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, never forgetting where we came from by providing fundraising opportunities to other families, making them a part of ours! 

Lady Fireworks & Co. believes that offering these opportunities to others is passing on “true blessings” to individuals, families, as well as non-profit and religious organizations. The Company takes pride in their history, and in the quality brands we carry. 

We make it our mission to carry the highest quality, safest products for the most affordable price possible at our firework stands in Miami. We offer “Buy One Get One Free” specials that are always applicable, with no hassles, and no gimmicks, and with mix-and-matching, so you get the most for your purchase! 

After all, what is truly important to our Company is what we’re founded on – the smiling faces, excitement of expressions from customers, this is something that our founder, Patricia, has never forgotten, although she does not work a seasonal fireworks stand anymore. 

You can tell a Lady Fireworks & Co. Miami location by the aesthetically appealing, safe, and attractive nature, as well as our product knowledge and commitment to quality customer service. And if you ever have any recommendations or need to reach Patricia directly, she is always available to accept a phone call from you!

Popular Fireworks at Our Stands

Some of our most popular firework products at our firework stands in Miami are assortment packages. These sets often come with various types of fireworks so that you can have a well-rounded, family-friendly experience. 

With just one package at an awesome price, you can have a variety of fireworks such as sparklers for the teens, pop-its for the kids, and some bigger options that the adults can light for a grand finale. This is a great affordable option for your next family gathering or kid’s birthday party.

One of our most popular packages at our firework stands in Miami is the Bazigna! Krunch! Crash! 25’s XXAT1212. This 3-pack is 200 grams and 25 shots. As part of our BOGO deal, you can pair this with some of our other packages to make your next event that much more colorful and bright! 

Another one of our assortment packages is the Diwali Dazzler AT0038, and it’s part of our “Safe and Sane” selection that’s great for any of your family gatherings where the kids will be there and you won’t have much space for a big spectacle. This package of assorted fountains and novelty fireworks are great for celebrating Diwali!

Our Happy Fingers AT0016A is another package a part of our “Safe and Sane” line, but it’s specifically a fountain fireworks assortment. Fountains are ground-based fireworks that emit showers of sparks paired with loud audible effects, such as whistles and crackles. 

However, they definitely aren’t as loud or shoot up as high as the bigger fireworks you may be used to seeing in professional shows, Ground-based fountains shoot showers of sparks five to nine feet in the air on average, while some of the larger fountains can reach heights of twelve feet.

Make sure to check out our other assortment packages to take advantage of our BOGO deals!

Visit Our Firework Stands in Miami

The Lady Fireworks & Co., LLC, provides quality name brand fireworks directly from China, which is how we can continue being one of the best providers for those who want to purchase fireworks by the case. 

Utilizing only the best, safe, quality brands of fireworks that are certain to amaze your audience no matter the event! Our staff has been with us for years providing outstanding performance and professionalism in every interaction. 

We strive each and every day to provide our clients with the best shopping experience with the friendliest service anywhere in America. Since we are direct importers, we can provide wholesale pricing on full case quantities to qualifying companies, groups, and individuals. 

Our wholesale service is available by appointment. Contact our Wholesale Division rep today to learn more and fill out a Wholesale Registration Form! Make sure to check out our online shop for fireworks that make any occasion unique, and visit one of our seasonal tent locations and firework stands across Miami and South Florida!

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