Color Smoke Grenades in Doral

How to Pull Off Color Smoke Grenades in Doral for Your Photos

An awesome trend in modern photography is using color smoke grenades in Doral. These represent beautiful pyrotechnical devices that many people will now use in wedding and party snapshots all over the world.

Originally produced for the military before recreational use as a ground cover method, color smoke grenades in Doral emit a non-toxic, colored smoke that will fill the air. However, the visual effect that these products impart enables you to create a truly breathtaking photo.

Our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. want to provide some information on how to use color smoke grenades in Doral to create stunning and beautiful photographs for a wedding or another event. Using these practical tips, you can ensure that you remember your event fondly with some impressive mementos.

Consult with Your Photographer

Before trying out this new photography tend, ensure that your photographer feels comfortable. Regardless if you decide on enlisting a professional, or choose to use a friend or family member behind the camera, make sure they feel comfortable taking photos while using color smoke grenades in Doral.

Shooting photos using colored smoke requires special skill. This involves using lighting and shutter speed setting adjustments that an amateur might not comprehend. For this reason, it is crucial to make sure that any photographer comes prepared.

Supply Yourself Well

As you start planning and practicing for your photos, you may need a few extra color smoke grenades in Doral. Practice smoke grenades can help you make sure that your shot is perfect before the photographer starts snapping off pictures. After all, running out of color smoke in the middle of the shoot could prove disastrous.

Obtain Permission from Your Venue

This is no problem if you are hosting a wedding or another event on your property. Although color smoke grenades in Doral likely won’t stain the ground, they could leave a residue that will wash over time. Nevertheless, it is always important to consult with your venue before setting them off all over the property.

Take a Look at the Weather Report

This is a multifaceted, essential tip. When the weather is too moist, or if the forecast calls for rain, your color smoke grenades in Doral may not work properly, or effectively. Contrarily, if the weather is hot and extremely dry, lighting off color grenades can even be dangerous.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. recommends not using these products in very dry heats as it could result in a fire hazard issue. Nonetheless, you could always select a cool burn, flameless smoke product that might better suit your needs.

Get Outdoors, and Pay Attention to the Wind Patterns

Don’t ever use color smoke grenades in Doral indoors. This will help you avoid staining or inhalation of smoke. Designers produce these products exclusively for outside use.

Additionally, check which way the wind blows before lighting the smoke grenade. You will undoubtedly want the smoky color effects to remain vibrant. However, the wrong wind direction may result in the colors covering your faces in any photograph.

Choose Where You’ll Light the Grenade

This ties into the aforementioned “extra smoke grenades” tip. You can try out a few different locations for your smoke effects. Placing them in the background for a photograph creates an interesting effect while ensuring that the colored particles don’t land on lighter clothing.

You can achieve another cool result by moving the smoke bomb around the subjects in the photograph. This will envelop them in color smoke and cultivate an elegant photographic effect. Just make sure you don’t get too close, and factor in the time duration of a smoke grenade — most only last for 60 to 90 seconds. For this reason, you need to act quickly as you decide where to place the grenade.

Keep Color Smoke Grenades in Doral Away from Clothing

Don’t ever aim a color smoke grenade at someone. While these products don’t produce the loud, gunpowder-fueled BANG that aerials and mortars produce, they still represent a pyrotechnic product and can result in dangerous situations when not used properly. As long as you keep the smoke grenade a reasonable distance away from the couple, you should experience no problems.

Color Smoke Grenades in Doral from Lady Fireworks & Co.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. provides our clients with safe and effective fireworks products in the South Florida community. While we do focus on providing impressive aesthetic results, nothing is more critical to our company than safety. Our team additionally extends our preeminent product selection and customer service on a national level as well.

Our catalog includes a variety of color smoke grenades in Doral that you can use to make your next event truly memorable. Some people may utilize smoke grenades to create an atmosphere for their celebration, and even to create an interesting photo opportunity. Spouses even create photographic mementos as they tie the knot with a colorful, smoky backdrop!

Nevertheless, when other firework providers close their doors outside of the busy pyrotechnic seasons, the Lady Fireworks & Co. remains committed to keeping the doors open every day of the year. For those outside of our immediate business area, you can use our online store to ship products directly to your door.

For more information on color smoke grenades in Doral from our team, contact the Lady Fireworks & Co. today to learn more!

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