Bulk Fireworks for Sale in New York

New York State’s Fireworks Law

New York residents expressed understandable excitement late in 2014 as the state pass a law enabling firework sale and use. This modification to New York fireworks law was the first time legislatures addressed fireworks in 100 years.

Regardless if you did not possess awareness concerning these New York law modifications, or don’t know which fireworks remain legal in the state your friends from Lady Fireworks and Co. can help. As you begin planning your next party, get-together, or Independence Day celebration, you can now purchase a variety of bulk fireworks for sale in New York!

The legal fireworks products in New York State now include ground-based and handheld devices. This means that unfortunately, the law does not allow New Yorkers to legally purchase the larger fireworks their neighbors in Pennsylvania can buy. However, a small firework product selection is still better than no fireworks at all.

Nevertheless, this remains good news for New York residents that want to put on their own show at home ahead of the famous state spectacles viewed by individuals all over the country. Nonetheless, before you get out there and start buying bulk fireworks for sale in New York, it is always best to reach out to your local county office for clarification.

Purchasing Legal Bulk Fireworks for Sale in New York

While many Americans celebrate Independence Day and numerous other gatherings with barbecues and cookouts with their close friends and family, numerous others want to kick things off with an impressive fireworks display.

For some, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Show simply isn’t enough, and they want to produce their own impressive show. New York allows customers to purchase “Sparkling devices” from December 26th to January 1st as an accommodation for New Year’s Eve celebrations. It remains against the law to purchase fireworks outside of this range.

Utilizing this general information, this affords residents an opportunity to buy bulk fireworks for sale in New York. However, the law is somewhat strict and confusing. For this reason, you may wonder what type of fireworks you can use.

If you want to give your next celebration a little flare, New York law allows different types of sparklers on wooden sticks, as well as different shapes and other novelty devices. Nevertheless, you should always purchase these sparkling devices from an authorized dealer like Lady Fireworks and Co.

It is additionally important for consumers to remember that although firework law in New York State is significantly different from the past, legal imposition will differ from county to county. Also, consumers remain limited to the fireworks types they can buy, in addition, to set off.

No individual under the age of 18 can handle fireworks in the State of New York. This includes legal fireworks products. This means that if you light a legal sparkler and then hand it to a teenager for even for a second, this is breaking the law, and this is committing a crime.

New York Fireworks!

As New York City is the city that never sleeps, this provides numerous chances to see really amazing fireworks shows. While this was previously reserved for the cautious observer, the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, and other special events, the new laws afford regular Joes an opportunity to launch off their own firework products.

If you want to set off your own pyrotechnic display, or even just pop off a few fireworks, local and state laws impose specific limitations. New York significantly controls firework purchase and use. For this reason, many individuals previously traveled to Pennsylvania to purchase their supplies. However, with the changes in state law, New York is now an option for firework purchase and use.

An advantageous alternative for individuals that want to buy bulk fireworks for sale in New York, is stocking up utilizing an online supplier. Although Lady Fireworks and Co. is based in the South Florida area, we extend these preeminent services on a national level when our clients need.

Through our online store, you can uncover a treasure trove of firework products and accessories. This will help you add some spark to your next party or celebration. This includes any event from weddings and birthdays, to anniversaries and graduation parties.

In addition to competitive prices for New Yorkers on fireworks, Lady Fireworks and Co. additionally enable you to enjoy fireworks delivered right to your door. This removes any potential issues and troubles you may experience while trying to legally obtain New York fireworks. With Lady Fireworks and Co., a dazzling fireworks event is just one click away!

Bulk Fireworks for Sale in New York from Lady Fireworks and Co.

New York residents can now legally purchase and light off their own firework products. Nevertheless, it is important that they ensure their compliance with local laws and regulations. Additionally, safety should remain paramount above all else.

While an impressive aesthetic is important, ensure that your event is memorable for the right reasons. Assure you light your fireworks in a safe area with water nearby to fully extinguish any used products. Lady Fireworks and Co. want New Yorkers to experience fireworks fun but in a safe manner. For this reason, we test every product we sell extensively before putting it on the market.

For more information on bulk fireworks for sale in New York, contact Lady Fireworks and Co. today! We can help you cultivate a truly great celebration with a memorable accompanying fireworks extravaganza!

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