500-Gram Cake in Miami

500-Gram Cake in Miami

What is a 500-Gram Cake?

500-gram cakes are multi-shot, aerial firework products with preloaded tubes internally fused and arranged. The “grams” in these cakes reflect the amount of pyrotechnic composition present inside of the firework.

The combined amount of explosive material that a firework can legally contain is 500 grams. This means that the 500-gram cake fireworks in Miami that we offer at the Lady Fireworks & Co. represent the largest legal fireworks available to consumers in the United States!

This type of firework selection continues to increase in popularity largely because they’re safe, in addition to easy to use. All you need to do is light an external fuse before you unleash a series of powerful, impressive shots.

Why a 500-Gram Cake in Miami?

We can look at a 500-gram cake like a multi-shot, repeating fireworks show in a box. Some of these packages may contain as few as 8 or 9 shows. However, a 500-gram cake selection may also boast as many as 200 shots. 

Makes produce a seemingly unlimited variety of dazzling features and effects that they load into their cake packages. For this reason, these 500-gram catalog selections seem like the ideal item many consumers look for, as well as choose to feature in their at-home fireworks displays.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. recommends 500-gram cakes in Miami as an ideal solution for any at-home pyrotechnic demonstration. With dazzling results and a seemingly endless combination of effects, these comprehensive packages could “make” your next wedding, graduation, or holiday celebration!

Building 500-Gram Cakes in Miami

At one time, firework products could only legally contain up to 200 grams of pyrotechnic powder. Nonetheless, makers must commit to meeting certain specifications and standards when constructing 500-gram cakes. This includes individual tube spacings ½ inch apart. 

Many assume that this spacing regulation is in place to prevent what we call “mass ignition”. Mass ignition is when one tube prematurely lights other tubes (in some cases all of them, leading to the entire cake setting off all at once.

The spacing and construction requirements are also why most 500-gram cake products ship with such large, heavy bases, and a notable size. Although most 500-gram fireworks pack 4 units in a case, some providers charge more for additional shipping costs and the space they take up in warehouses.

Nevertheless, when you choose a quality, wholesale firework provider like the Lady Fireworks & Co. we import our products from China, passing on the savings to our consumers no matter if they want TNT assortments, a 500-Gram Cake in Miami, or something as simple as sparklers and pop its.

These powerful fireworks represent some of the most expensive options on the market, a notable increase over traditional crackers and rockets. However, the strict regulation on 500-gram selections in construction and sales makes them one of the most reliable and safe selections anyone can make for their home fireworks extravaganza.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. commits to only offering the safest and most reliable selections across our selection catalog. From pops and fountains to stunning aerial selections, we subject every product to rigorous safety and effectiveness testing regimens.

After all, you’ll want your firework display to be memorable for the right reasons, not for a series of “duds” or an impromptu visit to the ER because of an unsafe product selection.

500 Gram Cakes in Miami | Lady Fireworks & Co,

For those wanting to create an impressive and memorable celebration, there’s no better way to do this than fireworks, and 500-gram cakes in Miami serve as the most exciting part of any firework display. These are the largest firework products an “at-home” consumer can legally utilize.

500-gram fireworks can save a ton of time setting up a display with prefabricated, angled tubes and outlined firing sequences that would otherwise require a ton of effort. Many cake products also ship with established breaks in the aerial display, requiring consumers to simply light the fuse and walk away.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have space in your budget, you can also look towards a 200-gram cake selection. Despite their smaller composition size, this category still offers a wide variety of awesome selections for a cheaper price.

With the Lady Fireworks & Co., we keep our doors open all year long to help our customers celebrate the holidays, as well as outside events from the typical Independence Day and New Year’s Eve get-togethers. Browse our online shop or reach out to our pyrotechnic team today to learn more!

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