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How to Light Up Your Next Fireworks Display

Once you decide to make the leap from using one-at-a-time-fireworks to creating an actual fireworks display, you may find yourself in a universe concerning special fusing, clips, firing systems, and ignition systems. This is often an overwhelming endeavor for the uninitiated! How can you decide on the best way to ensure your fireworks show matches your unique vision? Better yet, how can you actually execute your display, while lightning everything at the right time?

At Lady Fireworks and Co., our team wants to help you cultivate the high-quality fireworks display that you can create from our wholesale fireworks for sale in Alabama. We will impart some following information that can help you explore some different ways to light your show.

Numerous methods exist to accomplish this, each with their own positives and negatives. When you optimally understand how to light up wholesale fireworks for sale in Alabama, you may discover this takes your aesthetics to the next level!

Hand Lightning

We also like to call this the “light it up and run!” method. This technique is similar to what most of us already employ while setting off fireworks. It involves simply lighting the fuse with a long lighter, match, or torch.

Although this is the simplest method concerning setup, you should keep a few things in mind when using this method with multiple fireworks provisions.

Hand Lighting involves multiple individuals lighting fireworks from a variety of firing positions. You should never attempt to light multiple fuses at a single time at the same location. When you engage in this activity, you risk a firework lighting while you attempt to light one nearby.

It is also difficult to coordinate firings using this method. The darkness and space between your firing positions, as well as the noise that is derivative of the fireworks themselves poses difficulty in communication between shooters. As a result, this may result in odd timing from the numerous firing positions when using hand lighting.

Chain Fusing

When you chain fuse, you utilize various fuse lengths and speeds. This involves connecting a multitude of fireworks together in what is essentially a chain. You fuse speeds will vary from slow safety fuses that burn at approximately 30 seconds per foot, to fast fuses that may burn .25 of a second per foot of fuse.

Once you determine how much time you need between firings, you can cut these fuses at different lengths while connecting everything together with tape or plastic fasteners.

Many individuals use this method due to the ease they experience setting up a show in advance. You can light a singular fuse and watch the interconnected fuses in an essentially automated experience. While chain fusing may seem like the ideal method for fireworks displays, it is not without its detriments.

Although chain fusing eliminates the exorbitant expense provided by electrical firing and the difficulty of coordinating multiple fuse lighters, it imparts one serious safety issue. Once you light the main fuse, it is almost impossible to stop.

Should a safety issue arise, there is no safe or fast way to prevent the fireworks from lighting. If something misfires or falls over into an unsafe position, this may create a situation with serious consequences. This is precisely why chain fusing is not used during professional shows. Lady Fireworks and Co. also often discourages chain fusing for this reason.

Electrical Firing Systems

This is the most commonly utilized method by professionals that design fireworks performances. We recommend this technique for more elaborate displays. Electrical firing systems enable you to maintain safe distances between you and the fireworks. Additionally, an electrical firing system will likely allow you to stop or pause if an emergency situation occurs.

Electrical firing systems use electrical currents to heat high-resistance wire. As a result, this wire will heat and ignite a firework fuse.

Some good news is that these systems continue to decrease in cost as time goes on. This makes them more feasible for individual and independent consumers to invest in the safe and efficient technology. Nonetheless, an electrical firing system is still substantially more expensive compared to the aforementioned methods.

An electrical firing system will also require some more planning and foresight to set up. You don’t want to cut corners and end up with an unfortunate occurrence. When you use them correctly, the control and safety you gain from electrical firing make it worth every penny.

Wholesale Fireworks for Sale in Alabama from Lady Fireworks and Co.

We covered some of the basics concerning common firing methods. However, we still recommend that you do your research before deciding on the optimal method for your needs. Always remember that safety is paramount. It is extremely difficult to create a memorable show if a potential safety issue or disaster occurs.

For many individuals, fireworks represent a pastime to spend with friends or family. Lady Fireworks and Co. values this viewpoint, understanding that family is not exclusive to the primary holidays of the year. For this reason, we keep our doors open all year long, contrary to traditional fireworks providers opening their doors for New Years and Independence Day exclusively.

You can use our wholesale fireworks for sale in Alabama to light up the night sky with a truly impressive spectacle. For more information on how we can help provide some kick to your next event, contact our specialists today!

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