TNT Assortments in Fort Lauderdale

Gain Some Bang for Your Buck with Assortment Packages

TNT Assortments in Fort LauderdaleAlthough the Lady Fireworks & Co. agrees that there is no bad time to start buying fireworks, the busy season is upon us once again. With Independence Day right around the corner, Americans from all over the country flock to stands, tents, and other establishments to obtain products to celebrate the United States with fireworks in all their glory!

If you are looking to get some more value out of your purchases, our team suggests considering assortment packages of fireworks that can help you acquire a variety of products for a single price. In many cases, they sell far below the price of individual retail products, and you can buy an entire display with one purchase.

One of our favorite suppliers is TNT Fireworks, a leading seller of products in the United States for almost a century. For this reason, our team wants to outline some of the benefits that purchasing TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale can provide!


When you purchase TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale, one of the biggest advantages that you stand to gain is variety. Many patrons appreciate the convenience they get with assortment packs as most offer a few different models of hand-held types, in addition to ground, fountain, and missile effects.

Assortment packs additionally work well when you remain unsure about what kind you will like best. They can also serve as an ideal resource for those that don’t regularly buy retail or wholesale fireworks products.

Nonetheless, it remains essential to discuss a purchase with a pyrotechnic expert. Some people prefer to select their own products. Variety packs may offer some that these people might not necessarily want. Contrarily, this could introduce you to some new favorites even when you already possess an idea of your wants and needs.


As you seek out fireworks for your next display or celebration, you can compare prices with every individual item that comes in TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale. The good news is that under most circumstances, these assortments enable you to pay less for a bundle.

Family packs contain fireworks that specialists recommend for an entire family to enjoy. This is a great way to help stretch a budget, getting more BANG! for your buck.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes also represent somewhat of a stumbling block. However, this is untrue regarding a wide variety of assortment packs. Some go for hundreds of dollars and can offer more than what you need while others provide a cheap entry point with a nice assortment.

Additionally, providers like the Lady Fireworks & Co. will also provide wholesale pricing to establish your own package deal. Nonetheless, this does require some product knowledge or the assistance of an expert to ensure you get precisely what you seek.


In most cases, you really can’t go wrong when selecting TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale. Whenever we get in a new package or product, we wield a notable amount of anticipation, fun, and eagerness. This extends to our customers as well. They just can’t wait to get home to light them off!

Opening a new package to reveal a bounty of fireworks is just like Christmas in July. Some TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale make mitigating expectations almost impossible with packages that can reach several feet tall!

Although we’ve tried to impart some pros and cons amongst purchasing assortment packs, it really is difficult to find a flaw regarding the amount of fun and anticipation TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale can offer.

After all, the whole point of buying fireworks is putting on a great show that makes everyone involved go “Ooh and ahh.” For this reason, the more variety and savings you can obtain is all the better.

TNT Assortments in Fort Lauderdale from Lady Fireworks & Co.

Quite possibly, the best reason to obtain assortment packs is sharing the fun with family and friends. TNT Fireworks offer a great variety throughout their entire catalog that ensures you make a great selection no matter what.

Nonetheless, if you still feel you want to assemble your own package, our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. would love to help. You can rely on our team for the products you need regardless of budget, venue, and need.

To learn more about wholesale and package pricing, or TNT assortments in Fort Lauderdale, contact our dedicated and professional pyrotechnic expert team today for more information!

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