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Brand:  Boom Wow (BW1545)
Unit Size: 11.81″ x 11.81″ x 13.38″ each
Unit Weight:  9.37 lbs. each
Case Size: .178 cbm
Case Weight:  37.48 lbs.
Case Packing:  1/4
Duration: 59 seconds each
Description:  500 grams – 4 pack – 16 shots each- Fire: red time rain, green time rain, yellow time rain. Water: white glitter willow, gold glitter willow, red glitter willow, time rain willow. Earth: brocade white glitter, green glitter, red glitter, burst flowers alternately. Air: red stars to chrysanthemum, green stars to chrysanthemum, yellow stars to chrysanthemum. If you want BIG; here is B-I-G…