Light Up the Sky & Decorate More Than the Tree This Holiday Season

Fireworks in Florida

Fireworks in Florida

Do You Know Your Florida Fireworks Laws?

It has been almost 80 years since the last time Floridians could legally shoot off fireworks in Florida. State lawmakers now allow the full use of fireworks on three days each year: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and July 4th, America’s Independence Day.

Sparklers and other noisemakers remain legal in Florida. However, rockets and mortars that explode into the sky are banned even under the Sunshine State’s newest legislation outside of the holidays, as mentioned earlier.

For decades, Florida residents used exceptions to buy these fireworks by signing a form that declares they will utilize the products to frighten birds or other wildlife from agricultural works or fish hatcheries. They can also outline their use of fireworks in Florida for railroad and transportation agencies requiring signals or illumination.

With the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic still fully realized, major firework shows all across the state are canceled for this year. If 2020’s Independence Day celebrations indicate how people will celebrate the upcoming holidays, it means people will be setting off more of their backyard displays than ever before.

Floridians all over the state are buying fireworks by the case in preparation for their gatherings. With the increased interest in fireworks, our team from the Lady Fireworks & Co. thought it would be beneficial to share some information with you.

The Legal Rundown on Fireworks in Florida

Are you sure you know the current regulations on Florida fireworks? During this time of year, firework dealer stands and stores open their doors to sell wholesale fireworks in preparation for New Year’s Eve. It seems like everyone is shooting off explosives. These firework products must be legal in the state, right?

For 2020, consumer fireworks in Florida are legal to purchase and use in most of the state due to Senate Bill 140 Gov. Ron Desantis signed into action earlier this year. This new law makes fireworks legal on the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Florida additionally designates firework products as something that goes into the air and explodes. For this reason, the products, as mentioned above, like sparklers, pop-its, roman candles, and fountains, were already legal in the eyes of Florida State Law.

When seeking out fireworks products for your use, including private displays, you must stay up to date on any current fireworks laws and regulations that could limit legality regarding the purchase and use of Florida firework selections.

The State Law doesn’t supersede local city, county, or homeowner association rules. Residents must check in with local area jurisdictions to ensure they can legally purchase and utilize Florida fireworks under the new specified regulations, in addition to adhering with local impositions as well.

Some Basic Safety Measures for Florida Fireworks

The fire marshal says using an elongate light to light fireworks to stay further away from the explosive devices. The person in charge of lighting fireworks should also remain alert, not walking away from the devices. Some additional safety tips include:

  1. Use a Stable Base to Light Fireworks – Don’t try to set up firework products on the grass where something could fall over. Instead, light fireworks on concrete or asphalt.
  2. Keep a Water Source Nearby – A bucket of water or a garden hose remains essential to extinguish if an unforeseen accident occurs.
  3. Protect Yourself – Anyone in charge of lighting fireworks products should wear eye protection, as well as long sleeves made from a type of fabric that doesn’t burn well.

Florida Wholesale Fireworks | Lady Fireworks & Co.

The Lady Fireworks & Co. proudly serves the Florida community by providing reliable and safe fireworks products. Although we appreciate a stunning aerial firework display, safety should remain paramount.

This is why we subject all of our high-quality selections to rigorous safety and reliability testing before stamping it with our seal of approval. Utilize the safety tips on this web page, in addition to researching on your own for your legal firework laws and regulation for the best possible results.

We’ve been pent up in our homes all year long, and New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to get out and appreciate nature and a stunning firework show. However, you must do so safely, selecting the right products and packages for your needs.

Our pyrotechnic experts are ready and willing to help you choose the best fireworks in Florida for a safe and reliable display. We’ll make sure you get what you need. Check out our online store and call us today at 786-THE-BOOM!


Looking for the best fireworks in Florida?

Lady Fireworks has been selling fireworks in South Florida for over 20 years. We offer a wide variety of fireworks from top brands, at the best prices. We also offer wholesale pricing for qualified groups and individuals.

Call us today to place your order.

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Looking for the best fireworks in Florida?

Lady Fireworks has been selling fireworks in South Florida for over 20 years. We offer a wide variety of fireworks from top brands, at the best prices. We also offer wholesale pricing for qualified groups and individuals.

More Posts