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Although the holidays, an essentially any holiday season can produce a substantial amount of joy, improperly using fireworks, and unsafe products can very swiftly result in tragedy. The State of Louisiana develops and imposes fireworks rules and regulations to help the community to safely enjoy fireworks for Independence Day, and any other fireworks-driven celebration. Additionally, wholesale fireworks providers must obtain licensing from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Your friends from Lady Fireworks and Co. recommend that families purchase the fireworks from retail stands inspected and permitted by this office. These establishments represent the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana, regardless of their jurisdiction. Some things to avoid regarding fireworks that lawmakers consider illegal in Louisiana include:
  • Loose or unpackaged fireworks with no labeling
  • M80s
  • Cherry bombs
  • Sky lanterns
  • Class “B” Fireworks
Your friends from Lady Fireworks and Co. want to offer some information concerning safe fireworks purchase and use as you seek the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana for your next holiday, celebration, or another event.

Using Fireworks Safely in Louisiana

Over 12,000 fireworks injuries get reported each year around the United States. Over half of these reports originate from Independence Day celebrations. While fireworks remain legal in Louisiana, it is important that you research and educate yourself on local laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. Additionally, adhering to the following tips may also help you enjoy a safe and fun fireworks celebration.
  • Never utilize fireworks indoors. Only light off fireworks products on smooth, flat surfaces that reside far away from potentially flammable brush and other materials. Spectators should also remain a safe distance away from launching sites.
  • Don’t aim or throw fireworks at another individual. You should also refrain from placing any body part over or near a lit firework.
  • Always leave used fireworks on the ground after an event or display. Many fireworks still remain ignited after they explode. Additionally, avoid keeping or carrying fireworks in your pockets and clothing.
  • Follow your local fireworks laws. Louisiana lawmakers prohibit individuals under the age of 15 from purchasing fireworks products. Remember this in your search for the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana.

Louisiana Training and Licensing for Safe Fireworks Use

Thousands of people wrap up their Independence Day by looking into the sky and seeing fireworks light off over the Mississippi River. However, many independent consumers like to play the role of a fireworks expert themselves. In these instances, they may lapse on fireworks safety with an idea to create the best aesthetic display. What these individuals often don’t see after viewing a professional Independence Day display is the licensed operators standing beneath the show. Working harmoniously with a state fire inspector, these professionals ensure that the fireworks display goes off safely without a hitch. Just like training and licensing for these specialists, Louisiana state regulations concerning fireworks serve the public, keeping them safe from potential disaster. If you represent one of these individuals that prefer to remain in control of your own firework spectacular, a few things can help you guarantee a memorable fireworks show for the right reasons. After all, you don’t want to look back on your celebration due to an injury or another unfortunate occurrence. This begins by adhering to Louisiana state laws. Legislatures put these into effect specifically for the protection of fireworks operators, as well as their community. This includes visitors to the show, in addition to those in close proximity. You should also seek out the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana. A quality provider that offers safe, as well as effective and impressive fireworks. This way, you can purchase fireworks that remain gorgeous to look at, while keeping your guests safe. Lady Fireworks and Co. is a South Florida based fireworks wholesale that operates essentially everywhere in the United States. We can offer the Louisiana community a comprehensive solution for their fireworks needs.

Lady Fireworks and Co. – The Best Place to Buy Wholesale Fireworks in Louisiana

Our company can offer customers a wide range of fireworks selection. Our provisions offer a diversity that most competitors cannot match. However, more impressive than a varied selection or an impressive aesthetic, our firework provisions offer preeminent safety. We test each product thoroughly before we grant our seal of approval. This analysis includes an effectiveness test, in addition to a safety and efficiency exam. By exercising this level of commitment, we can guarantee the safest possible fireworks products. As you search for the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana, we suggest seeking out our services. We import our entire selection from China. This enables us to pass on the savings to our consumers. What this means is that you can receive a custom-tailored, premium product selection for an affordable wholesale price. Fireworks are our business. For this reason, our staff is happy to discuss any possible concerns while addressing any issues with our consumers. This could include the ideal product selections for your needs, as well as safety issues in regards to a specific product. No matter your event or celebration, even the products you prefer to use, our team will ensure that you demonstrate fireworks mastery for your next display. Fireworks remain an exciting pastime for Americans everywhere. For more information on the best place to buy wholesale fireworks in Louisiana that we recommend, contact Lady Fireworks and Co. today!

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